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Between jobs and home, moms work almost 100 hours EVERY week.

As a busy mom, when is the last time you didn’t have anything to do?


Sometimes I found myself with a mind clouded with everything I have to get done. It was exhausting just to think about all the things. Once I stopped overanalyzing (and started meditating), things were better.


The WERKin' Mommas™️ is about transforming what it means to be working moms from overworked and overwhelmed to being unaplogetically us. We're creating a village that moms can rely on to handle errands and cleaning and putting appointments on the calendar.


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The Story Behind The WERKin' Mommas...

The average working woman gets 42 days on maternity leave to recover from pregnancy and childbirth, a process that takes about 280 days. In addition to adjusting to life with a new baby, we also have to acclimate to this new normal as working mothers - in the midst of figuring that all out, we find ourselves in constant chaos between our kids, careers and our homes. This is the reality for many women across the globe who clock nearly 100 hours a week trying to figure this all out. 


Nobody needs a break more than a busy mom. The WERKin’ Mommas is the essential concierge service that makes life easier for stressed out Moms. The goal is taking care of cleaning, grocery delivery and errands services - all those things that Moms don’t have the time or desire to do around the house.  While we work to bring this service to moms everywhere, The WERKin' Mommas podcast shares the highs and lows of motherhood. It's the outlet I needed to share my relatable experiences with other moms. The merch was born out of fun - I took the things that swirl in my mind as a Momma and created expressive merchandise like tees and cups and my favorite - the #WERKinMommas bracelets. 


So when you see a Mom in the grocery store in her work clothes and running shoes on, when you see that Mom at work carrying her breast pump to the lactation room, when you see that Mom at football practice in the bleachers with her laptop, just know she’s a WERKin' Momma!


We invite you to learn more about how we're working to make life less stressful for busy moms. Connect with us @WERKinMommas across all social media platforms. 

By the way, what's your story as a mom? We'd love to hear about it and feature you on our blog. Click the What's Your #MomLife Story? button below.

What's Your #MomLife Story?

The WERKin' Mommas™️ is building a concierge for busy moms. Get on our list and we'll keep you posted when services are available in your area.

The WERKin' Mommas™️ is building a concierge for busy moms. Get on our list and we'll keep you posted when services are available in your area.

You're in! We'll keep you posted.

Blog: Mommy Moments

The blog gives you home cleaning tips, productivity hacks, quick kid-friendly meals, and an abundance of tips to take care of yourself despite all of the busyness around you.

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